Wilna – inspirational and talented

Wow!  I am humbled to make Wilna’s “inspired by” list this week. I thought it must be a mistake…..maybe there is another Melissa Salomon…….   Who is Wilna?  She is a friend I have never met in person.  She is an artist, a wife and mother, a scrapbooker and photographer, a follower of Christ, a kind and compassionate woman who generously shares with others a bit of her art and heart ….. her he(art)….as she says.  I remember hearing her voice online when she was named to a National Design Contest…I remember her inviting me to participate in encouraging her friend who was valiently fighting cancer….I remember her sending my grandfather a prayer request when he was wanting to keep himself occupied at aged 99 by praying for others…… I remember looking over her work and learning how to express those things I wanted to share with my children through the art of scrapbooking (and I have followed many of her techniques!)  If you want to learn how to share your heart through art, peruse her site and enter Wilna’s work and vision.  You will be inspired, you will be encouraged, you will be blessed!  Thanks Wilna!


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