Birthday Celebration

My mom turned 75 yesterday and we had a birthday dinner party for her.  The Fusse boys and some of the Fusse parents were here to help celebrate.  We missed Liz because she had her first classes yesterday in IRvine and was coming home today Friday so she couldn’t come for the party last night.  Without Liz’s help (who is the baker and pastry chef of the family) I wasn’t successful in making the cake (I had high hopes for a fondant cake a la Cake Boss) so I mad a mad dash to the local Hans and Harry’s Bakers here in Bonita (fabulous) for a small Belgium Chocolate Truffle cake and an Oregon Hazelnut Buttercreme Cake.  The menu? Ropa Vieja (shredded beef with a seasoned chili sauce), rice and beans, Horchata (rice water) and Agua de Jamaica (hibiscus flower cold tea) to drink.  It was a great time and we enjoyed God’s blessing of being together and enjoying this special occasion.


One Response

  1. Happy Birthday, Teddy! I don’t know when I’ve seen your mom look so happy and healthy. Good for her…
    I can’t believe you actually attempted fondant frosting. Is there anything you haven’t tackled?????

    Hans and Harrry – YUM. Can’t go wrong there.

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