Chili’s New Menu Rocks!

We had the privilege of being invited to sample the Chili’s new menu available in only three restaurants in the country right now. This is the Chili’s in the Otay Ranch Town Center in East Chula Vista.  I sampled about 25 of the items on the all new menu. Fresh, Flavorful, Beautiful Presentation, Melt in your Mouth Yumminess….and everything seems to be hand pulled, hand formed….you can tell they have put alot of thought and effort into this new menu.  Even the garnishes (like on the soups) include corn that was grill roasted in the morning!

My favorites?  The hamburgers (hand formed Chuck Steak beef) the one I tried had swiss cheese, mushrooms and bacon … wow a winning combination.  I loved the ribs.  The green chili soup was tasteeeee (with fresh avocados in it)  The loaded nachos super yummy and a big hit I understand. We had chicken which was very flavorful (smoked and hand pulled) but they say the beef ones are even better…hard to imagine.

Mike Brooks, the manager and his team are doing a great job.  We met young Ashley who was on her first day after training and 10 days in San Diego from Kentucky……so nice and cute.

Good thing I had to go across the border to the Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones office in Tijuana and work or I would have been tempted to take a little nap after that feast!  Thanks Nichole for this special treat!


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  1. […] You can read the review of the new menu I wrote when we were invited to sample the new offerings.  That is found HERE. […]

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