Make a card…

A scrapbooking gal, Jennifer McGuire, whose work is amazing is organizing a card drive…..please participate, have your child participate….it is a teachable moment. Thanks, Melissa

Cards for Kate

This weekend I have a lot planned. Matthew is out of town, so we’ll see if that makes things more or less easier.

One thing I am planning on doing is making a card for Kate McRae. You have probably heard about sweet 5-year-old Kate, who was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. Check out her Caring Bridge page and her dad, Aaron’s, blog.

Here is a video Aaron recently posted about a day in her life. The second half really got to me.

A small group of scrapbookers/card-makers have organized a card drive for her and I want to encourage you to participate. If you aren’t a card maker, buy a card. Maybe fold some construction paper and let your kids make a card and get involved. What a great way to talk to them about serving others.

Here are the details from Jennifer McGuire’s blog:

* Cards can be for any member of Kate’s family:

– Kate (age 5) – The sweet girl who is battling cancer.
– Little brother Will.
– Bigger sister Olivia.
– Mom and Dad, Aaron and Holly.

* Cards can be anything cheery, encouraging, supportive, etc. (This family is a family of God, so for all you Christians out there, feel free to share messages of Faith.) Anyone can send a card – even your children!

* Please write a message in the card and sign your name and where you are from. On the card envelope, please write the name of who the card is for (Kate, Will, Olivia, Aaron and/or Kate). Also, please don’t seal the envelope, as Kate’s parents might want to preview cards before the kids see them.

* With your cards, please include a piece of paper with your name, address, email address and number of cards. We will keep these for picking out prizes. (See below.)

* The cards should be sent to:

Jennifer McGuire
Card Drive for Kate
PO Box 428612
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

* Please send the cards to arrive by October 1. This should give enough time for those overseas to play along. As we get enough to fill a box to send to Kate’s family, we will send them. This way they don’t get them all at once. And since they are having some struggles lately, the sooner we get some cards, the better.

* If you want to send more than just a card (such as a gift), please just send directly to the address given HERE.

* If you want to donate money to Kate’s family, please click HERE. If you want to help cover the costs of shipping, feel free to include some money in with your cards. Any money leftover will be donated to the family. (But there is NO need to include money.)

And… how about some prizes as a thank you for participating? For all the cards we get, we will pick random winners of some great prizes. Click HERE for up-to-date prize info. Stuff will be added soon and often. Please keep in mind that winners will be pick based on piece of paper you include with your cards with your name and info. So, be sure to include it!

Thank you everyone,

Jennifer, Kristina and Jana


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