Refreshing time

Got up extra early this morning in the refreshing, cool time before the sun comes up.  It has been so hot this weekend that it was a treat to feel some cool.  It is good to break out of your routine and I did that to spend some extra time in prayer this morning as part of our Concordia prayer vigil.  Breaking out of routine helps you notice things you didn’t notice before. Right now I am aware of some birds singing outside my window (are they always there?).  I was refreshed also by spending time reflecting on what God has done for Concordia over the last month.  Reflecting is good….necessary in our busy lives.  One month ago we hadn’t even been given over the keys to the preschool.  We didn’t know what it would be like to take more than 130 children through a day of learning and fun.

I was reflecting on the journey… should have been an impossible one for this little group of people facing such big obstacles (no, they were not challenges they were big, hairy obstacles).  This has been God’s doing — His initiative, His planting of a vision and a dream, His mission, His power…..and His making it happen. It has been amazing that He has allowed us to be a part of it.   I think about the many people who have prayed for this dream of making an impact for God and for good in this community….people all around the world have prayed.  Prayer is powerful because it connects us with the Person who has all the power…..the Lord of heaven and earth.  Time in prayer is good. It connects us, it reorients us, it reminds us of who is the giver of all good things and that giving is His character.,,,,and it refreshes and renews us.  It has refreshed me this morning in the cool air with the bird’s song keeping me company.


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