I am glad…

I am glad….

  • I had lots of extra time to ponder, plan and pray today
  • Andres didn’t need the car this evening
  • My tickets for the Israel concert were for next tuesday and not tonight
  • I put gas in the car this morning and didn’t wait until I was back from tijuana…….. BECAUSE I WAITED 4 HOURS TO CROSS THE BORDER TODAY! There was a shoot out at the border and they completely closed the San Ysidro crossing, the busiest border gate in the world……I think there are something like 40,000 cars crossing at any given time…..and we all tried to get out of the snarl of traffic and make our way over to the smaller border crossing in Otay Mesa.  It was a mess but I am home, safe and sound!

One Response

  1. Thank God! I was thinking of you and praying for you, and hoping you were not in TJ that day!

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