Great first “preview” worship service!

Great Sunday.  You can read about it below in the note I wrote the prayer partners who are helping pray for this new mission launch.  You will read about my friend, a young mom with three young children, who suddenly lost her mother on Friday night.  She was very close to her mother and this was so unexpected, you can imagine how hard this is….and will continue to be for her.

Her mother’s funeral in on Friday and she will fly home next Monday.  I think she would be touched to receive cards of encouragement and comfort.  Would you have time to write and send off a note or send a card?

For some of you this will be an act of love,  for others an act of mercy, for those who don’t know Disa, this will be an act of random kindness (the kind that is really good for the soul!)

Join me by sending a note/card to:

Disa Z., 2521 Coyote Ridge Terrace, Chula Vista, Ca 91915

Thank you!


Thank you prayer partners for praying for our first “preview” worship service.  The week leading up to Sunday had some big challenges.  We were making changes up until the last minute. Pastor was on a ladder minutes before church adjusting wiring above a ceiling tile.  The machines (copiers, printers, etc) were either not working or ink was unavailable. . Several key team members—two the day before– became very ill, one staff member went into the hospital, even tragedy visited us when a volunteer leader’s mother died suddenly and without warning of a heart attack on Friday night.

The week of challenges drove us even more intentionally and intently to Christ in prayer all week and we were grateful we had prayer partners also standing in the gap for us.  The apprehension on Sunday morning was palpable (at least for me) but as we came together to pray it melted into trust and surrender. What a gift!  Here are a few photos of the morning early in the service before things got too busy.

Once worship began things went relatively smoothly….we were so grateful.  We have received alot of feedback data and this will help us tremendously as we prepare for the next preview which will be on November 8.  Please pray for that service.  There is so much to look at and think through again…..tweek after the testing…..improve and focus.

We had 105 in attendance for the service!  Considering we are only able to set up 150 chairs in this provisional space (two future preschool rooms revamped for worship space), the room looked comfortable full!  People came who had seen a promotional piece, seen the sign and banners outside the preschool and lived nearby, had been invited by the preschool teachers and were families from the preschool or were invited by others connected with the church or school.

We have collected alot of valuable feedback through a survey people either complete that day or online.  People were thoughtful and gave good and honest feedback.  This will help us see where the “hits” and “misses” were.

Thank you again for your prayers.  Please pray us through the next four short weeks as we prepare for preview number two!  Your partnership in prayer is so important to this mission launch…..and we are so grateful.

Melissa Salomon
Community Life Coordinator
Concordia Lutheran Church and School


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