Pray….Think…..and Deliver!

I belong to an organization that raises millions of dollars for support of mission work all over the world and is committed to encouraging all women of the church to grow very close to God and to serve His church with the gifts He has given each woman.  Man, these women lean hard on God, work hard and pour out their hearts and best efforts in service with no reservation or equivocation! I have the privilege of leading a national team of women who come from diverse backgrounds and who are generally new to the organization.  They inspire me deeply and have taught me things that have had a profound impact on my life.

My friend Angelina, I found out just this weekend, actually made the decision to retire early because she wanted to serve the church and the organization well in this appointment to the Heart to Heart Sisters Task Force.  She said she prayed long and hard about this decision and knew this was the work to which she wanted to devote concentrated effort.  She said, “Yes, I pray and think but now I want to deliver well!”

Wow! What an inspiration.  I am going to post this to my wall in my office:  “Pray…..Think…….Deliver!”

Here is Angelina, me and the Vice President of Gospel Outreach, Marilyn McClure. This was our interdepartmental planning meeting in St. Louis this weekend (where we plan the entire biennium!) I am very excited to work with Marilyn…..she is a close friend, former career missionary….a godly woman of bold faith and a gentle spirit…..and my mentor!


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