Pray…think….deliver (part II)

How often we pray a quick “ohhhhh, help me God” when we are tackling something challenging…..and this is usually on the fly!  I do it.

How often we run through a mental “to do” list or think about a project and say “this goes first, then this….I need this and that to complete”?  I totally do this.

I am realizing that I do this way too often and don’t really take the time to pray things through (spending some time reading God’s word……then—and this is the big one—–really meditating what God wants to communicate to me and teach me).  Neither do I always take the time to really think things through…….. What is the reason for this?  How is this advancing my ultimate purpose ? Is this connecting with who I intend to reach?  Just who is my audience?  Is this the best way to accomplish my purpose or am I doing it this way because I’ve always done it like this before?  Are we using any kind of filter other than expediency and familiarity?

I know, we are busy …. way too busy for our good, it’s true!  I am realizing that whether I am being a mom, a daughter, a friend or whether I am working on a project, I need to take some time to pray and think……because I want it to count, I want it NOT to be busy work but really accomplish the things it should for the people that are important to me and the projects that will be better for my unique, creative gifts and talents and really achieve the goals that impact people positively.

The “deliver” part….well, that’s for another post.

What are your ideas for taking the time to really PAY ATTENTION to your life?  You can share them with me by leaving me a comment! I love comments….


2 Responses

  1. I often pray on the run as I call it asking God for immediate help and guidance. I know I need to slow down more and take more time to just talk with Jesus.

  2. You are right on with this one, Melissa, and you are in good company. Or should I say you have LOTS of company?? I find myself hardly taking time to breathe when I pray sometimes because I’m in such a hurry. The best times are when I have the house to myself and can sit with a cup of tea and my Bible. Then I take a deep, relaxing breath, releasing all the tension. Next I pray using ACTS (Adoration, Confession,Thanksgiving, Supplication). Then I read the Bible and try to let it sink in. (It takes awhile when you have a thick skull!) Then I pray again, thanking God for his insights and answers and showing me HIS way. I always come away on a spiritual high. The hard part is finding the time alone. Sometimes it’s in the morning, sometimes midday and sometimes midnight; but it’s always special. I just wish it were more consistent.

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