Thankful for moments….

I was inspired by a friend to think of and record things I was thankful for every day until Thanksgiving.  I posted the challenge on FACEBOOK (  It is always good when you can train your mind to focus on the blessings of each day.  Somehow our brain wiring always wants to go to negatives or critical thoughts.  Fight it….that is a good fight!

Life is made up of moments.  Does this happen to do you too, that a certain realization, thought, joy happens in a moment like a flash!?  I am so grateful for those moments.

I am grateful for moments of challenge……because they force me to think differently.

I am grateful for moments of grace and goodness……because they remind me God is near……(and the realization that they are gifts because often I am not very deserving….!)

I am grateful for moments when I see the “big picture” of what we are trying to accomplish….. because I know those moments are a gift and I am motivated and moved by that understanding.

I am grateful for moments that I am encouraged by others……and when something pops into my head of an idea I can use to encourage others (shhhh….. making a mini book made from a Starbucks cup for our organizer of our Living Nativity — she has been great in wading  through a lot of chaos toward a great event….)  because it reminds me that small offerings can have a lasting echo!

More to follow………..


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