I’m on a daily roll……of thanksgiving.

Hmmmm…..daily thanksgiving….I like the idea!  As I said yesterday, I am challenged to post what I am thankful for.  It is a retraining to force quit the negative in general and recognize the great things in your life and reach for the attitude of gratitude that can totally change your outlook on life….how you respond to others and how they respond to you!

I am thankful for healthy kids.  Elizabeth has had a cold and despite some cough medicine she had a dry cough much of the night.  Those seasonal illness are more of a nuisance that anything else…..a blip on our radar….for the most part we go about our daily activities.  It makes me think…..and here is the thanksgiving……that my kids are very healthy.  It stirs something in my heart for those who have so much more to face with their families or themselves……debilitating disease, serious injuries…..cancers!  I am so thankful for health.  Reminds me too (grrrr…..not too happy about this realization) I have to do my part to promote good health……eat right, exercise……

I wonder if in every moment of thanksgiving there is a call to action too?


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