Thankful for the power of friends…..

I am thankful for the power of friends….some I have never met face to face but heart to heart.  I have stalked the blog of two gals — the Opel sisters — very talented women as they went from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Utah to take jobs in the scrapbooking industry.  I have admired how they incorporate the things they love into their scrapbooking work.  I have “lifted” some of their work (this is ok in the scrapbooking world….we are a generous bunch!) and TODAY I got a mention in their blog!  Sweet!  Not only did I get a mention but the LWML got a mention.  This is a missionary organization that raises millions for mission work all across the  globe by filling these tiny boxes with loose change (and more)….. a perfect example of the power of one, the power of the insignificant, the power and multiplicative (is that a word?) power of love.

I am also thankful for an endowment fund that was established yesterday which will have an impact on the ministry in Mexico!  Check out our work on the ministry in Mexico blog:


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