The Christmas Story come to life……

This is the biggest thing we have done!  What is it?  A Living Nativity. A camel, donkey, sheep…..the telling of the timeless story of the birth of Jesus.  The difference of this Living Nativity?  The timeless story will be expressed by the sweet and tender voices of our Concordia Preschool Children.  Two , three and four year olds will lead us through the Christmas experience!  It is our first musical presentation and gift to our new community at Windingwalk.  We are praying it can stay dry this week.  Yes, I know some rain….even a storm is predicted.  We have a plan B and can move the event to the black top of the parking lot but the ambiance of “Old Bethlehem” is more authentic on the dirt plaza between the preschool building and the Town Square, nestled among the huge, beautiful palm trees on the property.  The tops of these majestic palm trees have just been untied and they are beautiful!

If you live in the San Diego area, come and be a part of it.  It will bring a smile to your face, it will touch your heart, it will make you think about where your story and God’s story intersect.  The Living Nativity program will be held next Saturday, December 12, beginning at 6pm at 1695 Discovery Falls Drive, Chula Vista, CA 91915.  ( or 619 656=8100 for more information.

Join us the next day on Sunday, December 13, at 10:45am for one of our monthly “preview” services. We meet in the worship center inside the preschool building (1695 Discovery Falls Drive, CA 91915).  This is church like you have not experienced  before……..a high energy format, presenting deep truth about God in a way that the whole family is engaged, each at his or her own level.  Child care for children under 5 is provided.  This Sunday we will see what we can discover and experience on the topic of “Compassion.”  Join us this weekend.


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  1. Get ready; this is deep. I was wondering when they were going to untie those palm trees????? I can’t wait to see them.

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