Living Nativity Postponed to Sunday, December 20!

Did we get a dousing yesterday……it rained and the wind howled all day long!  The ground where we were planning on having the Living Nativity presentation is pretty much mush!  We had a plan B… have it on the blacktop in the spacious parking lot we have.  Not a bad option.  So, we redrew, recharted, rearranged, reorganized, reoriented, and many other “re’s” I am sure!

We scoped out the weather forecasts, even the National Weather Service….all seem to agree that there will be another storm front and there will be plenty of rain on Friday and Saturday.  What to do?  Parents were apprehensive about their children being in such inclement weather….understandably.

We made the decision tonight to reschedule  the Living Nativity to Sunday, December 20.  Well…….we are a little disappointed…’s been months of planning and picturing the event in our minds down to every detail….and we pictured the day of December 12th!  One of the mommies of the preschool, a friend of mine, went through some frustration and disappointment recently when she couldn’t find the perfect Christmas dress for her little daughter.  I suspect there were lots of great dresses she saw as she scoured the stores looking for that dress she had pictured in her mind.  I am excited to see her super cute little daughter in the dress that was finally chosen. Sometimes we have to adjust our expectations and enjoy the great things that happen rather than expecting it to match with what we have created in our minds.

Our Living Nativity won’t be exactly as we pictured it in our minds but I am sure it will be a great event and a glorious evening.  We are excited about a little more time for the children to rehearse….extra time for costuming that is still not done…..extra time to refine the logistics and other things that always seem to present themselves at the last minute.

We are excited to be able to present the story…….. whenever and however we can.  If you are in the South Bay join us on the new date.  I think its going to be “perfect” on that day and we will enjoy it and remember it for all that it WILL BE!  Reminds me of the saying:  Don’t worry about the future. God is already there!

Come on out and see it for yourself…..and enjoy!   Sunday, December 20, 2009 5pm at 1695 Discovery Falls Drive, Chula Vista, CA 91915.


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