The World is a Village and it’s OUR Village.

Just the day before the earthquake struck I posted the miniature world video.  Yes, the world is a village and it is OUR village.  Perspective is everything, isn’t it?  There are 7 people in my work group (in the two places where I work), there are 800 people in the town where I grew up. There are 300,000 people in the city where I live. There are 1 million people homeless or injured by the earthquake in Haiti.  Seriously I had a nightmare last night that we had an earthquake….I don’t want to scare anyone…..and as I was going up the stairs to where my kids’ bedrooms are, the handrail was soft and undulating.  I woke up and my heart was racing.  Freaky.

I know I would care if 1,000,000 people were affected in an area I care about…..San Diego.  Haiti is an area I care about because we are part of the same world village.  If you want to contribute even a very small amount to the relief effort, you can go to Concordia’s Initiative for Good at for some ideas.  If you know of additional ways of helping, add them via the comment section.

If you want to get immediate info from individuals, news organizations and relief organizations go to THIS twitter feed compiled by the New York Times outlet in Haiti.


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