Creative week…

It was fun to be involved in our first video project for Concordia….getting ready for our church launch.(By the way, come to our next preview on Sunday, January 31 at 10:45am. Click HERE for info and directions!)  We are thankful for the donated talent of Jeff Horvath from the Horvath Group who gave generously of  his time and talent to help us do this video project.  There is so much that goes into a short 2 or 3 minute video!  Here is a photo of the audio engineer and Jeff who also served as the technical director, setting up a shot with one of our preschool parents and her children in preparation for her comments on video!  I estimate that the short video will take about 30 hours of work before we are finished editing.

In preparation for the new scrapbooking and cardmaking group that has been formed as a Meetup group (see the post below) I have been feeling inspired to get out my supplies and work on some projects.  I have been wanting to organize the photos from the Living Nativity and previews of the worship service we have had at Windingwalk. I did some of that last night.  Tonight I worked on a few family photos……..this layout is about my son Andres (he is the one with the hair standing up) who is the leader of the worship band for the FamJam at Windingwalk.  I write about how he gives “heart” to everything he does……and how he wrote “HEART” on his guitar.

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