Exciting days…. remember them.

“the faintest ink is better than the best memory.” – Annonymous

I have 29 urgent tasks on my electronic “to do” list on my iphone.  I feel like I have those many balls in the air at the same time!  It is exciting. Amidst the business though, I am trying to take in the moments too. A few nights ago I took over the kitchen table (actually, the kitchen table and the dining room table…..good thing we have an island in the kitchen) to begin organizing the many photos I have taken as we prepared for the launch months ago. I am embarrassed to say I sent one set of photos twice to Snapfish to print!  Good thing I take advantage of all their incentives and free prints.

I have a large binder with a system of photos and journaling that I ordered late last year for a supposed photo a day project for a year. (Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking when I ordered that…… actually, I didn’t know it then, but it is perfect for documenting what we are doing leading up to the church launch and the first year……!)

It is good to take time to reflect on the life that seems so often to go whizzing by!  It was especially good to review the  stacks of photos of the launch and previews.  One thing I am aware of…..if you don’t write things down ….everything begins to look alike and the memories of even a month ago become fuzzy. 

Each preview had its unique tasks….I was there late hours….we were setting up on Saturday…… I thought I would NEVER forgot those moments. Now, I look at the photos and I wonder, “what preview was that one? ” or “was the Family Fun Day before the Sports Day….and did that happen before or after the Music Festival?”

Yes, I have entertained the thought that it is just me…..that the grey matter, the brain cells are just dying off at an alarming rate.  That is entirely possible…..(likely?)

But it is also true that it is important to document the moment.  How cool to look back in 5 or 10 years and have it related in detail the cute things your kids say, the extraordinary things that you are involved in (for me…. this church launch)….or just the ordinary days…..the record that you were here.

This is what I so much enjoy about scrapbooking.  The creative part of it is fun….but it’s the story, it’s ALWAYS the story that is important.


2 Responses

  1. You’re…it is the STORY that’s most important. I wonder if part of the story, in scrapbooking, this the story that happens between the scrap-bookers, as they are putting things together.

    Thanks for helping us keep a visual record of the incredible story God is weaving into Concordia!!!

  2. Believe me, it is not just you or your mind. You do an amazing job and I often wonder how you keep everything as straight as you do. You have no idea how much the photos mean to those of us who don’t get to see everything. They make us feel included-a part of things even tho we were not actually there. I go back and look at them over and over again.

    You are an amazing person. Thank you for ALL you do – and that’s a LOT!

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