Exciting days of anticipation…..

It has been a busy week….getting ready for the last preview. Many of the things that we thought for sure we would have completed by now….won’t be until next week.  Sometimes I wonder how that is possible…..with all the advance planning we had to get ready for the new church launch.  Well,  everything takes longer than you anticipate. Several people need to be consulted (a good thing….get some good thinking on it…..just takes longer). Things change mid stream because you think of a better way to do it.  Then the searching out of how it can get done or the product you need. This takes time.  

It is still important to follow the dream…..just remembering that the journey is not easy ….IS NOT EASY!  But keeping the vision before you connects you with that greater purpose and the energy that keeps you on track and moves you forward.  It is exciting to see the dream take shape.  I know next week will be really exciting when the worship space is completely transformed.  

Today I picked up the new programs for the Classic Worship service which is beginning this Sunday.  That was a little first….and I took a picture of it….a little celebration and tweeted it!  (if you want to follow me you can find mission launch updates on http://www.twitter.com/mgsalomon)  Then I received a call from the manufacturer of the backdrop drapping and it was to be complete on the 18th and they finished it late today!  Wow!  That means I don’t have to drive to Los Angeles to pick it up!  Excellent.  

Little by little things are taking form…..that which was just a vague idea, became a dream, and now the outlines are being drawn and soon will be filled in.  It is a process. Sometimes I am impatient…..but mostly I am enjoying the journey.  JOY…that’s a very good place to be.  I have to remember that!

PS.  If you are anywhere near Chula Vista, come and join us for the last preview this Sunday…..choose your preferred style of worship.  Classic Worship at 8:45am and family engaging FAM JAM at 10:45am  Check us out at 1695 Discovery Falls Drive, Chula Vista, Ca 91915.  If you come, I believe you will experience JOY….that deep down sense of satisfaction that doesn’t come from any earthly thing but somewhere deep in your gut (spirit) that tells you there is a God, a BIG God who wants to be know.  And this BIG God knows who you are and somehow, even though you don’t understand it, He loves you and is seeking you out to share some incredible things with you……you specifically!  That is the discovery of JOY…..


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