Living with overflowing thankfulness…..

I am loving the HOME series of “The Life You Were Meant To Live.”  I am especially enjoying the challenge of this week……receive, reflect and reherse one truth of God. This week it is living with “overflowing thankfulness.” (Colossians 2:7)

Following this truth takes some purposefulness (I hope that’s a word!).  Being present in my life and present in the truth of thankfulness at the same time…that is my focus this week.  Let’s see how that goes.  I absolutely know that not only will my life be better but I will be living the life I was MEANT to live.

I love living the life that I was meant to live…..a little bit at a time.  After all, it’s a life long journey but growing into that life…the best life….is my goal!

(Thanks Kimi, Shari, Leesa, Teresa, Sally, Lisa and Terrie…..for being willing to process these teachings in our HOME group each week…..I am convinced it is learning meant to happen in the gathering of friends)

Life goals?

In addition to a good number of leadership and business blogs I follow, I am also an “artist” and follow several scrapbooking, decorating and photography blogs.  They inspire me to not only connect with the world around me but to express the life I am living right now recognizing that how I live my life is being studied by my children and those around me who might be encouraged by something they see in my life.  I joke that I scrapbook and capture images in photos because if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, my children won’t have to wonder who I was, what I cared about or what my dreams were for them.

I think my life can be summed up in this:  I love to help others connect with their passion….that life that God uniquely shaped them to live.  I do that as a mother, as a daughter, as a friend and ……also in my work here at Concordia as Community Life Coordinator.  We are committed here to shape=based service which means that you serve with power and joy when you serve using your God=given personality, set of gifts, skills, talents and heart and as you go through life your many acquired experiences.  All these, go into making you exceptionally effective and fruitful in a certain service area.

I think I have the greatest job because when you can help someone make a connection and help them find that work they were uniquely shaped to do, they experience excitement, joy and fruitfulness in what they do, and there is a life power like no other.  I do my part in studying a person, in discerning personality type and sometimes we also use assessments…..bolstered with a good amount of prayer, we can experiment and try different things out. This takes some of the pressure off in that we are very open to trial and error.  In trying something out, you will discover if you love it and are happy that what you have and do can make a difference for someone else.

When asked to share something random or quirky about me I say that when I was little I was torn in what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I wanted either to be a nun or a go-go dancer!  Although my road was circuitous, I think I have achieved some of my life goal!  Although trained as an attorney, I work for the Church and in my work connecting people with service opportunities they love and where they can impact the world for God and for good, I get to celebrate when that happens……and I feel like dancing!

What?  You think I am stretching there to make the connection?  Maybe, but I am grateful God has put me in this spot, at this unique time in history…….to help this new church and school impact the lives of people in this community.

Life is good.  God is good.

Still reeling from Sunday’s excitement!

You think I am talking about the earthquake, don’t you?  No, although that could certainly be categorized as excitement….of the bad kind!  I was overwhelmed at the Sunday Easter turn out especially in the FAM JAM service where we had 152 people in attendance and 73 of them were FIRST TIME guests!

We kick off our new series on “The Life You Were Meant To Live” with HOME group kick off.  You can check out our groups at under “Life Impact” and “groups.”

We have a special video we are working on that the Monday group of Miss Logara and Mr. Partch’s Monday pre-K class collaborated with. That video will premier this coming Sunday at the 10:45 service.  Check us out.

Creating an excellent guest experience!

I am working hard on new tools, new ideas to create excellent experiences for our preschool families!  The teachers and staff have really enjoyed using a google group to share innovative ideas that will not only slightly improve our school but will jump the curve!

I am creating a survey for parents and guests (touring parents) to give us feedback on how we are doing and most importantly where we can improve and constantly move toward our vision of being the best preschool in the country!

In addition to that, I am also looking for new ways to improve the Welcome Center on Sunday morning where 40 volunteers focus on “making the day” of every guest that comes onto our campus on Sunday morning!  We have some very talented and caring people at Concordia!

As I was thinking about how to do make it easier to jump into service at the Welcome Center , I searched the apps on my iphone for a way to organize volunteers.  Currently, I am using an excel spreadsheet which I email to people who are gifted and enjoy this kind of service…..but with my system, there are lots of hits and misses.

I stumbled upon an app called “Event Connect” and while I am just beginning to learn about its function, what blew me away was the customer service.  I got an email from the developer himself welcoming me. He asked me how I was planning on using it. Hmmmm. I figured he was collecting data to track how his company can position itself to its audience. Ok. I am always willing to help a new company with information which I know they need.  So I told him what I was trying to do.  Twenty minutes later he wrote me this detailed email which was obviously written for me (not a canned response) saying:

What you want to do with the app is very interesting. I love the cause you work for. Let me try to answer your questions:

And he went on to explain how I should do this and that. He also let me know what new feature will roll out in a week, etc.  Then he said something that blew me away:
If you want, send your phone number and I can walk you through the steps.
Wow. That is customer service!
Thank you Raj of Event Connect. I know you are going to do well! Thank you for teaching me today (and any of the welcome team reading this) what it means to go above and beyond.