Creating an excellent guest experience!

I am working hard on new tools, new ideas to create excellent experiences for our preschool families!  The teachers and staff have really enjoyed using a google group to share innovative ideas that will not only slightly improve our school but will jump the curve!

I am creating a survey for parents and guests (touring parents) to give us feedback on how we are doing and most importantly where we can improve and constantly move toward our vision of being the best preschool in the country!

In addition to that, I am also looking for new ways to improve the Welcome Center on Sunday morning where 40 volunteers focus on “making the day” of every guest that comes onto our campus on Sunday morning!  We have some very talented and caring people at Concordia!

As I was thinking about how to do make it easier to jump into service at the Welcome Center , I searched the apps on my iphone for a way to organize volunteers.  Currently, I am using an excel spreadsheet which I email to people who are gifted and enjoy this kind of service…..but with my system, there are lots of hits and misses.

I stumbled upon an app called “Event Connect” and while I am just beginning to learn about its function, what blew me away was the customer service.  I got an email from the developer himself welcoming me. He asked me how I was planning on using it. Hmmmm. I figured he was collecting data to track how his company can position itself to its audience. Ok. I am always willing to help a new company with information which I know they need.  So I told him what I was trying to do.  Twenty minutes later he wrote me this detailed email which was obviously written for me (not a canned response) saying:

What you want to do with the app is very interesting. I love the cause you work for. Let me try to answer your questions:

And he went on to explain how I should do this and that. He also let me know what new feature will roll out in a week, etc.  Then he said something that blew me away:
If you want, send your phone number and I can walk you through the steps.
Wow. That is customer service!
Thank you Raj of Event Connect. I know you are going to do well! Thank you for teaching me today (and any of the welcome team reading this) what it means to go above and beyond.

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  1. How impressive! Service like that is a rare thing these days. And… he loves the cause you work for!! God bless him, and God bless you for reaching out, way out, for this outreach.

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