Living with overflowing thankfulness…..

I am loving the HOME series of “The Life You Were Meant To Live.”  I am especially enjoying the challenge of this week……receive, reflect and reherse one truth of God. This week it is living with “overflowing thankfulness.” (Colossians 2:7)

Following this truth takes some purposefulness (I hope that’s a word!).  Being present in my life and present in the truth of thankfulness at the same time…that is my focus this week.  Let’s see how that goes.  I absolutely know that not only will my life be better but I will be living the life I was MEANT to live.

I love living the life that I was meant to live…..a little bit at a time.  After all, it’s a life long journey but growing into that life…the best life….is my goal!

(Thanks Kimi, Shari, Leesa, Teresa, Sally, Lisa and Terrie…..for being willing to process these teachings in our HOME group each week…..I am convinced it is learning meant to happen in the gathering of friends)


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