I hope you had a great Mother’s Day.  I added to my “book” of poems and letters I have received over the years from my kids……it is getting quite thick.  Everytime I add to the collection it is an opportunity to reflect on something of the past.

Yes, my kids are 21 and 22 now and getting quite good at writing and expressing their sentiments. They are getting creative too…..Elizabeth wrote her sentiments on my Facebook wall this year! It’s fun to look at the poems from long ago.

Here is one from my son who is now a songwriter (among other musical gifts he has). Curiously, although this was his Mother’s Day poem to me as a boy, he entitled it “Life”. He was 10 years old.

“Mom’s are really cool. When you were a baby they wiped your drool. But now you’re one and you learn to walk. But who teaches you how to walk?  You’re mom. Now you’re two, you’re quite a bother and you drink out of a glass. But who teaches you?  You’re mom.  You’re three and you’re four and you wear no more stinky diapers and you learn to sing like Jesus Loves Me, Old McDonald and lots of other songs. You’re four and you go to preschool and you learn your A,B,C’s, your numbers and lots of other stuff. You’re five you go to kindergarten, you learn to write better, you learn to read now. You’re six and you learn about God and you learn to spell and you learn to play lots of games. You’re in 1st grade, you learn about History and learn to eat with your mouth closed. You’re almost 8 now. You’re 8 and in second grade. You do handwriting,m you learn about math like 124+3=127 and now you’re 9, you’re in third grade, you learn 5×7=35 and stuff like that. Now you’re 10, you’re in fourth grade and you learn Math, History, Math, Pre Algebra, English and Science. Now that’s the story of my life. To my wonderful mom, Melissa Salomon.

My mom is great, my mom is good

My mom is really great

She’s really never late

She loves me very much

More like the brady bunch

I love her alot

and she knows I never rot

So that’s my cool mom

And my name’s not tom

It’s Andres Salomon

and I made this poem.


Such fun. It brings a smile to my face every time. Yep, being a mom is a pretty special thing. Yes, enjoy it. Live the present. Be in the moment. Smell the flowers. YES But also, reflect on where you’ve been. Look ahead to where you want to be. This is as important in parenting as in anything else.  It’s a great journey……


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