New York, New York

I have sorely neglected my blog.  I am trying to catch up after a week of vacation.  What a great week it was too.  Here is a quick snapshot of my kids in a guitar shop (guess which kid wanted to go there?) and another photo of my daughter and niece at a very cool dessert shop called Serendipity enjoying their famous frozen hot chocolate!

The last two days have been catch up days……gotta love those 14 hour days!

I have such a great job.  I get to help people find and connect with their giftedness.  After working with what we call SHAPEd based service (finding your giftedness as a key to the work that will bring you fulfillment and make you powerfully fruitful!) for the last two years maybe it’s because I have spent hundreds of hours thinking about this…..but I think this is just what I was meant to do in life…. and in all areas of my life.

As a mom, I want to help nurture those gifts in each of my children and my greatest joy is to see them use their giftedness to bring themselves, others and God joy (because He is the source of the gifts!).  This is how they will make a difference in this world.

In ministry in Tijuana I get to do this ( and here at Concordia I get to do this too!

This is what I shared with the Concordia staff in the early dawn hours today:

You’ve got gifts.  (I’ve seen them and … in fact, this particular team has tremendous giftedness!)

God gave them to you for a reason.  (Part of that reason is to serve Him …. precisely in your area of giftedness.  You may know this and understand it or not. It’s still true.)

Bring some emotional labor to the table.  (love this phrase, borrowed from Seth Godin)

Do work that matters.

Make a difference.


Maybe you need to hear that today too.  Then, it’s for you also.  Make it a great day.  Meet the challenges of the day head on.  Be who you know yourself to be (don’t settle for a cheap imitation of yourself at no time during this day).  Then get up tomorrow and do the same.


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