Hello again!

It has been a month of travel which is super challenging now that teams back at Concordia have to be set up in advance and the ultimate test of systems…..do they work without the organizer!  This morning I will be back in the office for a bit and will begin to check on this.

My travel was to talk about the ministry in Mexico to group of women and also to attend training for the international directors of our ministry headquarters that support the work of Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones.  So, it was Canada and then North Dakota and then St. Louis for 11 days and finally our convention in Omaha, Nebraska for another 5 days.

You can see some of the fun and craziness on our ministry blog at http://www.cptlnmexico.wordpress.com

I came back a little sick (well, more than a little) so I took a couple of days to truly disconnect. It did my body and spirit good.  Amazing how a little reflection time gives good perspective.  I enjoyed reading Pastor Schmidt’s blog this week as he was feeling the rhythms of life and marking seasons and transitions. (check it out HERE)

I need to jump back into plans for our preschool anniversary and our fall launch of groups.  Getting back into my lists and Concordia “hat” has me excited to think about what this new season will bring.  I am praying it will bring a whole new group of people who will want to delve into and discover the treasures of a life learning about the God of all seasons, the God of heaven and earth, power and might, love and mercy……….the God of grace.  Amen!

Thanks for check in with me.  Pray for me. Pray for the Concordia ministry. Consider being one of our “one minute a day” prayer partners as we move into the first fall of our launch.  Let me know via email mgsalomon@gmail.com or via a comment here if you would like to join us in prayer.


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