Lots of things at once….

Multitasking. The story of my life. Two areas of ministry. Two active university aged kids. A mom to help. Lots of things I want to do…..yeah, just like everyone else, my life is full.  I still haven’t gotten back to a rhythm of things after traveling much of July.

Recently I read something about not trying to achieve balance because that is an elusive (read impossible) thing…but rather seek rhythm, recognizing that life is an ebb and flow and not equal parts. There are tensions that are not meant to be resolved but rather managed.

That’s where I live … and life is good. Life is good because God is good. I have peace (something my small group looked at this week) and joy not because my life provides it, but because I can focus on a God who is the author and perfector of life. He does provide balance….. He is balance Himself.  So glad of it.

Another random thing that really caught my attention was a post I read this week about considering the beginning of a new day not the morning when you wake up but when you go to sleep.  This as a reminder that our God who neither sleeps nor slumbers is in control with no help from you, thank you very much.  Here is the idea from this blog:

I heard something I wasn’t aware of for the first time last week. Apparently in the Hebrew world their mindset at how they looked at the structure of a day was quite different than the way we look at it today.

We generally think about a day starting with the sun rising, right? Well, in the Hebrew world, they actually thought of the day as starting the night before. A great reference for this would be…

Genesis 1:19 And there was evening, and there was morning—the fourth day.

The day doesn’t begin with morning; it begins with evening.

I was told the general thought here was this was a reminder of sorts that while you sleep, God is running the world. The day doesn’t start when YOU get up and get going for this day is not dependent on your thoughts, actions, and participation.

God does not sleep, and God gets along just fine without us. It’s a reminder that you can rest at night letting go of your stress, your problems, your issues, your pressures because you have a God who’s got your back even while you sleep.

There is a God, and it’s not you. You can sleep. You can let go.

Proverbs 3: 24 when you lie down, you will not be afraid;  when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.

This has given me a fresh perspective as I struggle with my own sleep issues.  Yes, submit to the rhythms of life….God’s got your back.  — Melissa


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