Together is the way to do life.

Today’s Big Truth of God was together we accomplish more or the flip side: You can’t do it alone.

That big truth really resonated with me.  Actually, in talking with people after church as we had coffee, munched on some fruit or a danish and enjoyed the sunshine or watching the kids play on the play structure, it resonated with many!

This week I attended a funeral of a 15 year old godson in Tijuana.  Rosa is the name of the mom. I was the godmother. (you can read more on my Mexico ministry blog: What a sweet thing to have people join you in good times and especially in suffering.  Those of us that were nearby…. we felt we didn’t do anything…..we were still nearby. We sat. We sat for  hours that sometimes stretched into the next day.  We stared. We cried.  The power of togetherness was evident.

Not only do we see God’s love in the human interaction, friendship and family that He gives us to live life together, but it is in this relationship He reminds us that He is with us. He accompanies us … even when everyone else has gone.  He is there.  We are always together with Him.  He calls us to this relationship.  Because we need it……we need Him. 

I am glad for His fellowship, for the fellowship in family, for the fellowship in friends…….even when they don’t say a work but sit with you in silence.  It is good.  It is how life was meant to be….. together.


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  1. Kind of a strange thing to say, but having been in similar situations, I know it must have been a very bittersweet time of fellowship. And yes, women can sit together and communicate very well without words, thank you. “Together” is what it’s all about..

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