Mary Margaret – You have very good teachers!

I just am captivated by this video.  I am amazed at how God has gifted this little girl and clearly spoken truth to her little heart.  She also clearly has other good teachers…..likely mom and dad.

This makes me reflect on what an amazing privilege it is to participate in the lives of little ones.  Adults in the lives of little ones are teachers.  What an awesome responsibility. What amazing learning vehicles little ones are.  The common phrase is that “they are like little sponges!”  How true that is.  I think about this because in launching this new church and in having a preschool as part of this new ministry, it makes me think about the awesome responsibility we have in educating very young children in this ministry.

How amazing that we can share eternal truths…..those BIG TRUTHS OF GOD….in a way that it can impact the heart and life of little ones who take in these truths with such conviction and commit whole heartedly to their veracity.What an example that we should tell God’s story with every fiber of our being like Mary Margaret does.  She participates in this story…..God’s story……with everything that she is.

I think I could literally watch this eight minute video every day and I am convinced that everyday it would make me smile, it would reawaken my own childlike amazement of the human spirit, of the capacity of learning and committing to God’s Word and Truth, it would nourish me, it would encourage me and it would challenge me.  Yes, I think I will keep this little video close at hand. I need the example of Mary Margaret in my life to remind me of the awesome privilege of being involved in this ministry to children.

Thank you Mary Margaret,  thank you Mary Margaret’s parents…..that you God.

UPDATE:  Wow, I got a comment from Mary Margaret’s mom Lindsey, see the comment below (click on the link that says “1 comment”)!  How fun!  Lindsay  brought up another issue I hadn’t thought of when writing about working with children…… much children teach their teachers and adults around them.  I add a new resolve….to learn from the children of Concordia Preschool each week.


2 Responses

  1. WOW!!! Your kind words regarding my sweet Mary Margaret brought tears to my eyes. She certainly brings us joy and I am so glad to hear that her video blessed you. Before I was a parent, I thought that only parents were the teachers. Boy, was I wrong!!!! My children teach me something every single day. I am about to post another video, “The story of Noah”. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you again for your kind words. It is nice to get a pat on the back every now and then.

  2. What an adorable little girl – and a future Sunday School teacher. I’d love to be in her class. She’s so animated she doesn’t need any props! AND- she knows her Bible…

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