Anniversary Happenings….

Yes, we are preparing for our anniversary of the preschool.  The centerpiece of the celebration is the launching of a new community art gallery starting with the art of the talented Concordia Preschool Kids.

Today I spent 11 hours prepping the art of the children.  Why do things take twice as long as you think they are going to take?  In my case, I think I underestimated the job by a whole lot more!  Thanks to parent volunteer Emi and my friend Karin who took pity on me late in the night.

The fun part of the day was looking….really studying……the art of the children.  I was floored!  What fun to see the creativity, the color selections, the technique, the fun and energy.  The teachers have done a very good job in inspiring the children, in teaching them many different techniques that they have used very deftly in creating their works of art!

Tomorrow we put up the special cables that hang from the special art railings and we hang the art. Then we paper it and create some anticipation and drama by making people wait anxiously for the unveiling next Saturday at noon.  We are already beginning to talk it up and create excitement.

Our neighborhood merchants are also celebrating with us by bringing some goodies to celebrate with!  Make sure you put it on your calendar……..Saturday, September 18 from 10 to 1pm.  Art show and unveiling is at NOON! Invite your friends, family, neighbors….people you meet at the grocery store…..EVERYONE!

Here is a sneak peek…….shhhhh. Don’t tell anyone I let you in on a preview!


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