This is why we do this…..

What a moving message on the topic of peace today and what it cost!  Wow.  God’s Holy Spirit was working in a powerful way through the messsage. Before I could figure out what was happening, my eyes were leaking a bit and when I looked around I was not alone.  BUT what I saw later touched me in such a powerful way…….how this child understood the message and how it touched him in a powerful way!

Here is Anthony with his note to God.

Here is Anthony making peace with his sister Melia.

THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO!  Sharing the one big truth of God in a way that the whole family is engaged…..yes, that the whole family understands and is MOVED by the power of the TRUTH of God….and that the TRUTH of God and His pure LOVE reach you deep inside. That is happening here at Concordia.

I am so glad that we are doing this experimental worship style.  Before beginning we supposed the impact but now we are SEEING IT!

You can see the worship and message of today on our video site. Just click HERE.  You will enjoy how we drive home the BIG TRUTH OF GOD in little snippets of drama, message and music BUT if you want to get to the crux of the message go ahead of the 48 minute mark and sit back and let the TRUTH of GOD meet you where you are.  Enter and engage.  Then let me know if your eyes don’t leak a bit!


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