A change of scenery……ahhhh!

Wow. I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy a change of pace and scenery!  I know I would enjoy being with the wonderful people from Nebraksa (I *heart* Nebraska!) and telling them about the work South of the Border (www.cptlnmexico.wordpress.com)

I knew I would enjoy connecting with good friends, Dick and Sue Rockebach and Jean Knudsen and Diann and Lexi.  But it is refreshing to talk about those things that are important to me (helping people connect to each other, with significance and with the amazing love of God) and get some feedback from people who “get it” and “get you.”

I knew I would see a different landscape but ahhhhhh……staying with my hosts on the ranch…..gave me a deep, deep breath of fresh air…..all the way down to my toes!  I got to see a family of racoons eat some of the cat food outside the patio door.  I got to take a luxurious l….o…..n…..g SUnday afternoon nap and I slept in this morning.  I can’t remember the last time I actually slept in.  My phone mysteriously went black yesterday and so I was a bit disconnected too!

I think I have to find a way to include that change of scenery in my.life without flying on a tiny plane (that’s another funny story……)

I am enjoyed………ahhhhhhhhh!…….my trip to Nebraska!  (I meant to write I HAVE enjoyed……but now that I think about it,  I think I AM enjoyed!)

How about you?  Life crazy?  Maybe try a change of scenery……  Hey, this is San Diego!  Beauty is all around….go and explore your city.  Just stay away from little planes!


One Response

  1. The scenery surely is gorgeous! I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself and getting some rest for your weary soul while you’re away. If God had to blackout your phone to make you disconnect and take some time for yourself, I think there just might be a bigger message there!!! A nap AND sleeping in?? I’m so proud of you. And I know what you mean by connecting with people who who get what you’re all about and share that same energy and purpose. Good to recharge your battery now and then.

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