Leading and serving from the same generation.

I love this photo of Melia and Amelie.  They are buddies at church on Sunday.  They are classmates at Concordia Preschool.  They are also the daughters of Director Leesa Juneau and Assistant Director Aaron Partch.  What a remarkable thing to have leadership in the same generation as those they are serving.  They know what it means to raise preschoolers.  They know what it means to be a dual working family.  They know what it means to raise a family to know about God and to love Him.

Does that make a difference?  I think so.  As contemporaries, they experienced the same things in culture.  They speak the same language.  They share the same generational vantage point.

An accident?  Not a chance.  I know they were called by God to serve in this place, in this time and will make an impact…….and ARE making an impact…..on families at Concordia Church and Preschool.

I am honored to support them in the work we do together to serve Concordia families.  I am honored to be in the Concordia family with them.


One Response

  1. I think that’s a profound insight…serving from the generation we’re serving …and it has applications for staffing. But the most profound thing you said was your last sentence… abou supporting them as we serve together. now there’s an organization changing concept — leaders serving and SUPPORTING other leaders.

    It’s really not about position; it’s about helping those who are positioned to make the greatest impact with someone make their imapact even greater, because of the support they receive.

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