Living Nativity – A beautiful telling……

Last night was our Living Nativity program here at Concordia Church and Preschool.  We invited our whole community to be part of this big event.

Watching the children tell the Christmas story about the birth of Christ with such gusto…….it was beautiful!  The evening was dark, the atmosphere of Old Bethlehem was recreated.  The telling of the story began with the procession of two year olds marching in with their bells ready to sing, “Ring those bells.”

Here are photos by the talented Norma Roth and Mike Menegus (thanks you two for giving of your time and talent….you certainly captured the spirit of this evening!)

Mary and Joseph entered “Bethlehem”

…..and the children sang…..and the children sang……and they put everything they had into it…..with such “JOY”!  Yes, that was the lesson……sharing the age old story of Jesus with Joy!  Can’t you just feel it when you look at this photo?

It was a glorious evening…..and then a cloud formed, right above our heads and released its water!  No, no, no!!!!!!    We were supposed to have escaped the rain……and we were just half way through our performance!

We tried to regroup under the eves but with 150plus children and another 600plus adults, that was near impossible so we had to postpone the remainder of the performance.

One class had a private performance for their parents in the classroom and only the two three year old classes didn’t get to perform last night.  We are rescheduling them to share their joy and sing on Sunday, December 19th at 10:30am…..they will absolutely get to tell the Christmas story……

While the evening was cut short……so many people said it was a successful evening!  The sheep, the camel, the cookies and hot chocolate cabana, the petting zoo, the live music, the children and their faces of joy……it was perfect!


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  1. I was so hoping the children might sing some of their songs for us in church, especially since the rain cut the program short. Great idea, and we had a great time anyway, rain and all!

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