Choices not resolutions….

I brought in the new year cleaning, organizing, decluttering, vacuuming, washing clothes, etc.  I thought this blog post had some good things to say about focusing on choosing….but incorporate steps to the goal…..and make them small and doable as a start. For example, a small change I have begun a few weeks ago, is always eating breakfast. I have never been a breakfast eater but it is an easy change and beginning to feel more natural.  One I will have to work on this year, is going to bed a little earlier.  This small change will have a beneficial impact on me. Small changes, big impact…..that’s where I want to focus this year.

My focus word for this year?  Intention.  I want to live my life with greater intention.  I think intention is a close cousin to “choice.”  Maybe that’s why I liked this branding expert’s blog post of today.  Maybe something in it will encourage you as we enter a new year full of new possibilities……

Our Choices, Not Resolutions Matter the Most

from Making a Difference by Maurilio Amorim

Most people start well. Most people don’t finish so well. Resolutions fail more than they succeed.  So as we look forward to all the promises and opportunities a new year brings us, we find ourselves out of the gate filled with hope that perhaps this is the year that changes everything. We hope for the break that will come our way, the call back from the right someone, the miraculous intervention from God. These are, after all, the key events in our future that could literally make our year. In my experience, however, it’s not the big break that will make the most difference at the end of the year, but the cumulative effect of everyday choices.

Your choices Not Your Resolution will affect your life

As we start this race toward the end of 2011 our decisions more than our resolutions will carry the day and eventually the year. So choose wisely.

Choose God.

Choose your family.

Choose health.

Choose to give of yourself.

Choose to say no to immediate gratification so you can say yes to a better future.

Choose to grow.

Choose to live well.

Choose to believe you’re worth it.

Choose your friends.

Choose joy.

Choose to love.

What’s the first choice you have to make today that will move you closer to where you want to go?


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