For our “Church OUtside of Church” event, Andres and I decided to cross the border into Tijuana, Mexico to encourage some church workers and their families today.  Here Andres is singing an acoustic version of  “Lost without your love” (Sunday Night Heart’s new single) even though he wrote it for a different range he changed it up in a cool way to fit his voice. The boys were fascinated (although they were a little distracted by my taping them).  We worshiped at the little church but were there mostly to encourage the workers …. and admire how they do so much with so little.  Realized:  Presence is encouragement.

Then we took the pastor and the hardworking Martinez/Montoya family (….each of them works to building up ministry in this church to build up ministry there….) to a little chinese food buffet popular in Tijuana…..super cheap too.

Mission accomplished. As you might expect……we got more than we gave. The gifts we received today?  Hearing people express gratitude for God’s provision (He gave us food, He gave us dress, He provided). Gifts too were the messages in the sermon:

  • “Don’t love your life too much, its temporary. God is eternal. Seek Him.”
  • “2011 was a tough year with alot of violence, economic crisis, alot of needs were unmet. But God met the needs that were necessary.  You are here aren’t you?”
  • “God provides for what He creates.  He created you. He has provided.”

Serving….worship.  It’s a blessing.


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