I’m back….

I spent a week in Antigua, Guatemala…..a most beautiful ancient city….where I attended meetings for the Tijuana ministry. Our office–Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones —  is one of 14 in Latin American and some 50 offices world wide that support mission work in their respective countries.

In last week’s flurry I was getting ready and was really needing a new pair of black tennis to go with my “look”….you know it, if you know me.  I pair my black velvet pants (I have more than one) with black tennis. It is comfortable and goes with anything (yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

My friend Betty came by the house the day before my trip with a donation of beautiful clothes and shoes from her mother who she lost recently.  Her mom was a most beautiful, elegant woman of faith…..and we also happened to wear the same size shoes!  Although the donations were intended for distribution through our ministries in Tijuana Betty said there might be something I could use there too. 

I snagged a brand new pair of…you guessed it….black tennis shoes.  I have a weird foot to fit so I didn’t hold out any real hopes that they would fit me but they did!  Whew……

When I returned from Guatemala I came across this photo of me propping my feet up in the patio of the most gorgeous McDonalds that must exist and its in Antigua.  I wrote in my 2011 journal (which is a kind of scrapbook of my year) the following……

“Walking in AUrora’s Shoes”

……..That day I heard the expression “fierce grace and abounding love.”  I wanted that to be said of me but I knew that described Aurora — this quiet, elegant woman of God always standing by her many children (I think they are 10), unshakeable in her fiath and faithful and fierce in grace and love giving.  What a privilege to walk in her shoes. I wonder how many other spiritual “children” she has — those who watcher her live and follow her example — I am one of them!  She was most certainly greeted by the Savior “well done good and faithful servant.”  She would have never imagined on earth that I would step into her shoes, pray to follow her example or walk in her shoes all the way to……”

Yes, I was walking in Aurora’s shoes in Antigua, Guatemala. I hope to walk in her example….in her quiet way of being “fierce and fiery in grace”…..I have a long way to go, but it is a good goal to shoot for.


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  1. What a beautiful sentiment about a beautiful lady. I’m sure Betty will treasure these words and ponder them in her heart. And now another beautiful woman of faith walks in her shoes (literally). How fitting…pun intended!

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