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We had a wonderful art show with the talent of Katarzyna Lappin. The children of the Preschool and parents and all who come to Concordia have enjoyed appreciating her art.  We have had weekend art shows and people from the community have also had an opportunity to enjoy her art and the beautiful Concordia art gallery.

Ms. Lappin also was delighted with her first solo show. See what she has to say about it:

Dear Subscriber,

The Show in Community Art Gallery at Concordia Church came to it’s end.

It was successful, seven paintings were sold.  I greatly appreciate the presence of all who attended the receptions.  Thank you so much !  The biggest credit for making this event possible goes to Pastor Richard Schmidt and to Melissa Salomon – the event manager of Concordia Church who had the idea of promoting the local artists and who put her heart and time to help with the necessary work. It means a lot to me that my first solo exhibition took place in the church facility under God’s wings. It was  truly a blessing.

I am currently working on the paintings for the centennial events of Chula Vista, CA.  Three new paintings are completed, many more are on the way. There will be  lots of interesting events planned by the committee of Chula Vista 100. You might check their website for more information regarding the city celebrations.


These are my three new Chula Vista related works:

1. Chula Vista – The Lemon City, oil on canvas 16 by 20 in,

2. Otay Baptist Church, oil on canvas panel, 9 by 12 in,

3. South Bay Salt Works, oil on canvas panel 9 by 12 in.

“Chula Vista – The Lemon City” – was the first of Chula Vista related paintings . Chula Vista is known as a Lemon Capital. I thought that a still life of a china bowl with lemons and rows of lemon trees in the background would be an interesting way to illustrate the lemon character of the city.

“Otay Baptist Church” painting presents one of the oldest churches of Chula Vista, which was built in 1890.  Recently the church was closed and its congregation moved to the newer building. I have read in the press that  the building will serve as a historical site with the museum inside.

I thought that making a painting of this church would be an appropriate idea for the art shows related to the history of Chula Vista, CA.

“South Bay Salt Works” painting presents the top of the building of the old salt mine in Chula Vista. The colors and the moods of this work do not reflect my  usual style. My intention was to present an old,  industrial building, with an atmosphere of an abandoned place. South Bay Salt Works were established in 1871 and the facility is the icon of San Diego area for over hundred years.


I am glad to announce that the painting “Reflections”, oil on canvas 16 by 20 inches was accepted to the Salon International 2011, Greenhouse Gallery Of Fine Art, San Antonio, Texas.

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Katarzyna Lappin


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