So excited for Vision Sunday.

I am so excited about Vision Sunday this Sunday……..and an opportunity to really take in what God has been doing this our FIRST year at Concordia Windingwalk. I can’t believe it has been one year that we began worship.  I can’t believe that just a few years ago the idea of this new mission was not even on the radar…..or that it could be possible…..or that it would become a reality….or that we would be impacting this new community for Jesus!  We didn’t know it…..but God did and He has brought us along on this amazing journey into uncharted territory.

Isn’t it just like Him to use this small little community of 100 families at Concordia to take on this HUGE task to be light in this new community. It should have been impossible to do.  It was impossible if we only had US to depend upon.  But I have come to see that we had very little to do with it actually!  Our small offerings however,  have been used and multiplied by our big and mighty God.

I am excited to hear Pastor talk about where God has brought us and what He has asked us to be and do in this new community.

Everytime I get to greet a new person…..and there have been hundreds of them visiting us at Concordia this first year……I am reminded of what a privilege it is to be in this place and that it is EXACTLY where He wants us to be….where He wants me to be.  Thrilling alright.

I was reminded of the thrilling and unexpected joy of being part of the journey of others who are taking their first steps toward God.  Thrilling because it is a deep awareness of God working in their lives to bring them to these first steps….of His working in the world!  I was reminded of this on Tuesday evening during the women’s home group at my house where we were delving into a study of kindness (part 2) and in introducing the Good Samaritan story, I prefaced it by saying that we were going to look into the “well known” story of the Good Samaritan.  We read it and one of the gals in my study was very thoughtful after hearing the story and taking it all in she said, “Wow, I haven’t ever heard this story before!”   I so often revert to life in the bubble and forget that being near God’s work means you are in wild territory where He shows you new and fresh things.  I reminded myself……”don’t sit back but rather sit on the edge of your seat…..and hold on!”

Love it.

Love being a part of this new mission launch.

Love being asked by God to be a part of His work in this community.

Love how He surprises me.

My prayer?  To be more aware. To live more expectantly.

I am ready for Sunday…..I know it is going to be goosebump time!


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