I’m still a little tired but grateful to not wake up with the alarm today.  I’m still in a haze about what really happened this weekend but through the jumbled thoughts….I have a deep sense of contentment and gratitude.

Grateful for the celebration that included Good Friday and the Easter miracle.  So grateful for the power of the cross that I return to each day but this weekend…..well, it is a special remembrance.  So grateful that I have a Guarantor that pays my debt and sets me free.

Grateful to have hosted the big community EGGstravaganza on Saturday… amazed to see hundreds of people WALKING to the church field.  Even though more than 2500 came, our parking lot never filled.  The parking team turned into cross walking guards to help the car traffic mesh easily with the foot traffic.  What a vision.

Grateful to see the event team totally present and invested and working oh so hard that day….and amazed by their talent and commitment. We would catch glances of each other and our eyes would communicate the message of “I can’t believe this many people showed up!”  Grateful that even though there were long lines in most everything, people were chill and enjoying just being there. In this “hurry up and get it done” world, people DID spend an unrushed morning just enjoying being together.  We prayed to be a blessing to our community and I knew this was part of it.

Grateful the weather was just about perfect.  The weekend before there was blazing heat and there had been rain and a cloudy weekend predicted for this weekend. It turned out to be a sunny day but with a cool wafting breeze on our big open field.

Grateful for business and community partners.  They turned out with cheer and excitement.  Amazed by the restaurants who were there to get to know their neighbors.  Early on when we were talking to our restaurant sponsors about this free event to bring neighbors together (including our community and business neighbors) I spurted out we expected 1,000 people.  I thought that sounded like an ambitious “stretch” number.  They went above and beyond.  Panera’s new manager hit the restaurant at 4:30 in the morning to prepare things just for us!  CPK just kept calling their store in amazement and ordering more food and there was a continuous flow of deliveries. If you go into CPK, Panera, OGGis, Eastlake Tavern and Grill, Chili’s, Krispey Kreme….tell them, “I was impressed that you cared to be present at the Concordia community EGGstravaganza. Thank you!”

Grateful that everyone donated their time …. said yes to contribute to this worthy gathering.  They caught the vision that when neighbors get to know each other….that is what makes a community strong.  We were happy to be a part of it!

Grateful to see on Sunday faces from the day before.  People from the neighborhood who had driven by for months, but on Saturday they took one step in friendship with Concordia and took another step on Sunday.

Grateful to get these waves of energy and stamina!  So grateful because after the marathon at church I went home to fix a turkey dinner for my family which include three family overnight guests.  So grateful that my daughter home from college just wanted to climb into bed and have a chat with her mom during  a short break after Saturdays event and before going back to church for the newly added Saturday Easter service.

Grateful that we had 291 people in all three Easter services…..our goal was to reach 300 for Easter.  Grateful that even though we blew the projector 15 minutes before the biggest service at 10:30 started, our fantastic video/tech volunteer did a quick switch of projectors and we started on time.

Grateful for the MANY volunteers who helped this whole weekend happen.  For both Saturday and Sunday, it probably took close to 100 volunteers offering their time and talent (and their heart always comes along) to welcome others to Concordia and make them feel like here, they’re HOME!

Grateful….. just grateful!


I am excited about Easter.  It is the season to think about the GREAT SURPRISE of the Resurrection.  THe new message series will talk about “A God of Surprises and how we find good in unexpected places!”

I am so proud of the team putting Easter together!  Responsible for the Easter EGGstravaganza which is new for us this year, is an incredibly talented EVENT TEAM comprised of lots of preschool mommies.  They have been inspired to create an event where neighbors can come together in an unrushed atmosphere to spark conversation and connection …. building a strong community!  I am inspired by them!

So excited for both Saturday  AND Sunday!  Come and join us! Saturday from 9 to noon and on Sunday at 10:30 (also new service added on Saturday evening at 6pm)    If you like a traditional format of worship we have one of those too…..on Sunday morning at 8:30am.