Mother’s Day celebration.

What a great BIG TRUTH OF GOD shared on Sunday.  “Forgiveness changes people and sometimes it’s the only thing that changes people.”  I love our Fam Jam service and experience the big truth being illustrated in drama, activity, object, music and message.  It really comes alive…..and maybe even more importantly it “sticks”. The filling is not fleeting.

We also treated moms who came to Concordia to a fun impromptu family photo shoot out by the brightly colored play structure and one of our valuable volunteers is photoshopping the photos!  Sweet!  Our volunteer George has been restoring photos for Katrina victims for some time now….sometimes spending hours on adding individual lights to candles from a wedding portrait for example.  What a gift of love.

I am excited to see the result.

For me it was a lovely Mother’s Day. I was feeling a little under the weather but my kids surprised me with a great gift. They purchased a LivingSocial coupon for a photo at a local studio and took the photo today and brought home a beautiful portrait of themselves for me. I have been wanting this for a while now!  I think the last time I had one of them together was when Andres was a senior in high school.  What a great gift. It also was a nice treat to have my mom give me some TLC…..making sure I got chicken soup and keeping me company.  We had some extra time to chat and she shared some memories of her childhood with me that I hadn’t heard in such great detail. It was fascinating!  Time is such a precious thing to have with your loved ones.   It was a good day.


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