It’s All About Relationships…..

I pray regularly for God to make the harvest plentiful among us  … and that many people can come to know His great love and the freedom found living in His Grace and Forgiveness (and that He use me!)

I enjoy using the mini prayers written by Rev. Dr. Scott Rische ( ) for City Transformation Ministries.

Use these this week.  If you want to receive them weekly, you can email Pastor Rische and he will include you in his distribution list.

Pray to the Lord of the harvest…” Matthew 9:38

Here is the thought for this week:

 Three priorities from God’s Word that will endure the test of time:

The priority of building a deeper relationship with Jesus.
The priority of building stronger relationships with those who already know Jesus.
The priority of building personal relationships with those who need to know Jesus.

See Luke 6:12-19

Day One – Creator God, thank you for making me, and for making me for a relationship with you and others. Help me to live out those relationships as you as created and intended them to be lived.

Day Two – Restoring Jesus, thank you for giving your life so that through a relationship with you, our relationships with the Father and with one another could be restored!

Day Three – Guiding Spirit, since life is all about relationships, and since the Gospel flows through relationships with others, teach us how to build healthy and enduring relationships with others.

Day Four – Lion of Judah, because the Gospel flows through relationships, it is Satan’s desire to destroy our relationships and leave us relationally dysfunctional. And so protect us by your almighty power. Watch over and help us to guard our relationships.

Day Five – Harvest Lord, raise up more workers who are committed to building a deeper relationship with you, stronger relationships with one another, and personal relationship with those who do not know you.

Day Six – Prince of Peace, help me to be a worker that knows how to be a peace bearer, a peace maker, and peace keeper in all my relationships!

Day Seven – Holy Spirit, open doors and hearts to your Gospel – a Gospel that has at its heart – relationships. Let me be one who brings that Gospel.

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