Happy Birthday Pastor Schmidt!

I wrote on his facebook wall:

Happy Birthday Pastor! Honorable, committed without reservation to the vision that God has given Concordia, caring, hardworking beyond human limits, confidently trusting in God’s renewing power, bold for Him, creative for the purpose of serving others, devoted shepherd, sacrificial in protecting and loving the sheep given to his care, vigilant in prayer … truth bearing, trustworthy, teaches servanthood simply by living. It’s my privilege to serve with you. By your example, I am learning what it means to live the best life…one fully available to God’s purposes through His unique and lavish gifting!

Yes, I have seen him up close….and I am a fan….of his constant character and integrity.

Oh….go ahead!  It’s his 50th birthday.  Embarrass him and post on his facebook something you have appreciated about him.  The position of leadership is often a lonely one….you GET to take all the flack and in the stead of those you lead, you get to take the heat so the others can continue to trust and depend on you.  It is not always a comfortable position, I am sure.  It is probably a pretty thankless position too.  But, he is not in it for the thanks.

For that reason, let’s give him some thanks!  Feel free to post a comment here.  Or, better yet, post on his facebook (come on….be public about it!)  Go HERE   What have you appreciated about Pastor?

If you would prefer…you can email him at pastor@concordiachurch.com

Go on….give him some love.  It’s his birthday!


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