A flurry of activity…..

Well, when ISN”T there a flurry of activity?

1.  Had a good family celebration and birthday cake surprise for Pastor’s 50th.  He launched the idea of gathering in smaller groups to share Vision and what the next steps are for Concordia as we journey in this launch.  Ten hosts will open their homes for about 100 people throughout the month of August to hear about where this church in going.  Very exciting stuff.

2.  We have had opportunity to be community…..building relationships and serving and supporting each other. One of our family had a lung transplant this week and it was a privilege to get out real time updates of his progress.  I was especially happy to post the update today at 1pm.  A repost from a Facebook post from his niece who is in Texas keeping connected via Facebook!  Amazing that technology can help us provide some “high-touch” connections.

My uncle is off the vent and sitting in a chair on room air! Good report from surgeon too, he said the donor was exactly my uncle’s height (6’4)-a miracle!
    • Amber Gilliam Docs said prior to transplant that they wouldn’t find lungs big enough, and we would be lucky if they found a 5’10 donor. Also they had two other cases this week that the lungs were not good. How great is our God!

      2 hours ago · Like

3.  Had an email from a soldier who received the care packet we sent out after our “Support the Troops” event for the 4th of July where we were supporting military families. This was way cool.

Pastor Schmidt,
Just letting you know that I and my shipmate LCDR Galan received one of
your Church’s packages today and wanted to thank you for the time your
church took to send this to US service members serving here in
Afghanistan. The shampoo, soap and candy are all well received. We don’t
get a lot of these items here in a war zone so it will all go to good
use. And just because I am in a war zone doesn’t mean my sweet tooth has
subsided, so I for will be eating most of the hard candy you provided.
Thanks for the care, it’s always nice to know our fellow Americans are
thinking and supporting us here in Afghanistan.
Thanks again.

Very respectfully,

LT Joe Vermette, U.S. Navy

4. Excited that our preschool is doing well as we begin a new school year. We have some room but it is filling up nicely.  Super excited about a whole new group of families to meet and greet and communicate what a privilege it is to serve their family and let them know how we will treasure their children.

5.  Excited about writing grant proposals to support the creation of a new bible institute that serves the border region .. .. as we prepare workers to love and serve others!

I think being in a flurry is a permanent state…..as long as we are busy about the right things…..advancing the vision of producing generations of people and churches that communicate Jesus like the world has rarely seen!


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