Summer is ending!

I have sorely neglected my blog!  This summer has been a blur and now we have launched into fall.  The cooler weather seems to have me thinking about fall……and the fact that I am working on lining up hosts for the fall launch of HOME GROUPS!

We have been involved all month in Vision Group Gatherings where we have been able to share with people who are interested…..what Concordia is about….how we are doing in carrying out our vision and what do we need to focus on in the next 8 months to Easter.  We are in a growth period and our goal is to double by Easter!  The most significant thing about these times in homes and with the great people of Concordia (some only connected with us over the last few weeks), is that we get to challenge people to think about those areas of service that they are perfectly suited for…….suited for because that is how God made them and intends for that giftedness to count for growing the family of God too!  Did you read pastors blog post on something related to this?

Lots of activity this summer at home too!  Andres and Elizabeth are in the flurry of fall classes in what I think is their last year in college!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel!  It is going to be an exciting year!  We also have two exchange students from China who will be studying at a private Christian high school near my house. They are 16 years old and everything here is so new and different.  What an adventure this will be throughout the year.

New challenges, new experiences force you to look at the familiar from a fresh perspective. Its a good thing!


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  1. Where do the Chinese gals go to school. You mentioned Christian- would that be Lutheran High??

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