What a great object lesson on what is coming up……a direct mail piece hit homes in the neighborhood this week about our New Message Series Lauch: “Speeding Up to Slow Down.”  Our major blackout last night taught me how important it is to “unplug.”   And….that sometimes what havoc can be created if we are forceably “unplugged” before we find ways to unplug a bit ourselves from our frenetic, overscheduled lives.

I don’t know the particulars of the six weeks that we begin this Sunday…..but I can’t think of a better “into” than experiencing a taste of being unplugged!

For me……the sensation was strange.  Yes, that means I need to unplug more. My mom and neice came over and together with my two university aged kids, Andres and Elizabeth and my two Chinese “daughters” (exchange students Jing and Ting)…..we just sat and laughed and chatted and got the board games out.

Wow…..unexpected conversation.

Then, my mom and a friend went outside in the warm evening to just enjoy the moonlight and the stars…..(that is a new experience!) and as we were watering the lawn (no automatic sprinkler system…) we just chatted under the moonlight.

Wow…unexpected conversation!

I loved it. Just connecting with people in my life that I love and need to connect more with….that is evident and apparent to me that I need to create more space in my life to do that more!

Where will I take this glimpse of teaching?   I am not sure but I believe there is some important teaching coming up in the “Speeding Up to Slow Down” series that is meant just for me.   There is something probably very important for you to hear in these next six Sundays too, huh?

I hope to see you there.  Maybe we can talk about what God will be teaching us together and debrief.  I’m up for it….

At my house on Tuesday evenings at 7pm?  That is when my home group happens to talk about the truths we will be learning and what God wants to do with that learning in our own lives.  There are other groups meeting throughout the week. If you are interested, email me or talk to me this Sunday.  Join a group.  The encounter with God’s truth and with other people seeking God’s truth too will change your life.  Encountering God’s truth always does!

Come on Sunday for the lunch…..at 8:30am for Classic worship and 10:30am for the interactive Fam Jam service.


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