Reflection One: Examine my schedule.

A couple of questions from Sunday really caught my attention:

Evaluate:  Is the road you are on now taking you to where you want to be?  Is this the road you were meant to be on?

I was excited to begin this evaluation when I took a trip to St. Louis and found out that our ministry office in Tijuana would be closed in 15 days.  Wow.  That threw a monkey wrench into my evaluation.  Or, maybe it made me view the question with laser like attention!  Now the possibility of some changes coming down the pipeline wasn’t a complete surprise but the reality of it was a major shake up!

That question from Sunday helped me get a handle on life this week:

1.  What a blessing to have this question to return to:  “Is this road taking me to where I want to be?

2.  What a blessing for “unexpected margin” to be able to examine life.

I have lots of important thinking to do.  I am so glad I am doing it in the context of this series, “Speeding Up By Slowing Down” and together with the great friends and community of Concordia.

Thank you for friendship.

I am privileged to pray for those exploring these questions for the first week this week in HOME groups.  I know it is an important first step in creating margin in our lives so that we can live on mission.  It is a worthy examination.  It will bless your lives. It will help you live on mission.

I know things will be very different for me at the end of this series than at the beginning of this series.

I am grateful for the renewing and creative work of God in my life.  Pray for me too as I pray for you.

If you haven’t yet connected with a HOME group, talk to me on Sunday……or email me.

Join us this Sunday for the next step in this journey of discovery.  You won’t want to miss any of it!


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