Creating margin…..

Chaos!  How to deal with it?  I needed to process some life altering decisions but couldn’t……  I had to get my mind focused on the upcoming retreat that I had been asked to lead several months ago.  No time to think!

Lesson Number One:  It was a good thing that I didn’t process information before spending some quality time with God in prayer and in His Word.

To create margin, spend time with God.

I got up to the mountain retreat and was told there was absolutely no cell phone service or wifi or any connection with the outside world.  What?  Wow, that rocked my world.  I really should have considered this might be the case….but was too busy getting from one thing to another to think!  After I just resigned myself to it, and trusted God to take care of my family and any emergencies that could arise, I experienced something very interesting…… my mind started to relax.  It was a very weird sensation!

Lesson Number Two:  Disconnect from your normal life and from technology regularly.  It will feel weird…but it is good for you!

From all the rushing around, I didn’t think about what I might need for the camping experience (linens, towels, shampoo!)  Thankfully, my friend who drove us there thought of it all for me and had everything packed before we left to drive up the mountain. What a delight to be surrounded by friends who just naturally step up to help and encourage you!

Lesson Number Three:  Depend on your friends to help you in your weakness…..and be grateful for it!

What a great weekend for connecting with God and disconnecting from the regular pressures of every day.

Loved it.








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