Thank you!

(Many of these words were written by Pastor Perry Noble to encourage fellow pastors. I have edited them and tailored them to a personal message of thanks here. –Melissa)

October is pastors appreciation month and I wanted to take this opportunity today to say “THANK YOU” to PASTOR RICHARD SCHMIDT. 


The times you have woke up at night and could not go back to sleep because you were so burdened for the people in your church…and so for the next several hours you prayed for those whom God has entrusted to your care and they were not even aware of it.

The times of intense spiritual warfare that you have endured.  You have experienced things that you don’t talk about a lot…but I know about the attacks on you and your family, the nightmares, the feelings of inadequacy (because this is an impossible task—-thank you by the way for not going crazy!)…and yet you have persevered through them because you know that the ONE who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

The conversations that you have had with people that no one will know about, the ones that took place behind the scenes, out of the eye of the public.  You took the time to talk to that one person and did it because you care and not because you felt like you would be rewarded for it.  It made a difference.

For the sacrifices that you have made that no one will ever know about.  You have sacrificed time, personal preferences, money, sleep and your own reputation…you have paid a price that most people will never see this side of eternity, and the Lord IS USING your faithfulness to make a difference.

For the times you wanted to quit but didn’t.  But Jesus pressed into you and you pressed on because, at the end of the day, you are consumed with Jesus and HIS GOSPEL…and you could not even fathom doing anything else.

For the times you have wept over the condition of people in your church and over people far from God.  For allowing what breaks God’s heart to break yours.

For the days when you have dared to dream big and have refused to give up on the vision you know the Lord has placed inside of you and the mission He has given Concordia.

Thank you for helping us see that God-breathed vision and mission too and for teaching us that God has fashioned us to be powerful instruments in His holy hands to reach others for Him.

For ALL that you do….WE ARE GRATEFUL…. so much to God that He not only saved you but called you into ministry, He entrusted you with a gift, a calling and a message…and He is with you, He will NEVER leave you or forsake you.  You can trust Him and He didn’t call you to flame out or burn out but rather to IMPACT this world through the preaching of His Son Jesus Christ.

Now Concordia, you have a great pastor and leader. If you have any history with Concordia you know he has been there with you, through trial, tragedy, in emergency rooms and at sick beds.  You can trust him. You can trust that God has given you special gifts to use at Concordia and in service to Pastor Schmidt as he has been given in service to the people of Concordia.  Pray for him, pray for his family.  Work in God’s service to carry out the mission here at Concordia.  We are the people of God, ,the community of faith here at Concordia, the front line troops…..let’s get out there and CHANGE THE WORLD!!!   We cannot fail.  God is at our side.