Margin with legs on!

I have been MIA on my blog.  Yes, we have been talking about creating margin in life to live on mission, to spent time with God and others, to respond well.  Just from talking with people and from my own experience, the message series about “Speeding Up by Slowing Down” has had impact. If you didn’t catch all of it, I recommend you spend the 20 minutes for each podcast in the series. Each one is important…..don’t miss any.  Go here and find the podcasts and take a few minutes …. THAT’s THE POINT!  Go here

I have really taken these teachings to heart.  This is a hard one for people who are on the go and doing something BIG… launching a church!  Pastor has been on his own journey. It has been interesting to follow his blog.  That one is found here.

Actually, it is hard for all of us…..and we are all doing something BIG whether it is launching a church or raising a child. And our modern culture lobs us onto a treadmill and there we go…… we just run!  We are so busy running, we don’t do what we were created for and we don’t even do that thing we are racing for very well….whether it is launching a church or raising a child.  If you are being real you know that is true.  I know it’s true for me.

Lot’s of things that I thought critical and even critical that I DO THEM, really have done nicely without my hovering over them I have found. Imagine that! Yes, it’s good to be reminded, in a healthy way, that I am not THAT important. 🙂

I have incorporated some things that I feel really good about…..and I still have the temptation to cancel them if there is something important at the church that needs my attention…..but I am going to try to resist that temptation.

I am taking more time for walks and exercise classes…….thanks to my friend Maria I even have gotten into ZUMBA. Well, I can’t say that I have gotten into it yet….I can’t really follow the crazy moves quite yet.  But the community center over in Chula Vista at Loma Verde I think it is called, has a $5 class.  You will see me there on Wednesdays.  I also carved out some time to prepare for meals (trying not to fly out of the house in the morning!)….and paying more attention to healthy eating (oh…and doing Weight watchers…that also required me to carve out time for the meeting and weigh in).

I am taking more time to think (yes……thinking requires some space and time in which to do this!) and pray.  This is a very good thing.  It is giving me better perspective.

I am taking more time to read things outside of the area I normally do….thanks to the Kindle that my kids and mom gave me for my birthday in September that I hadn’t even touched until now. I remember the days pre-children that I read great literature.

Yes, there has been lots of chaos — er, I mean transition — in my house.  One kid moved out to live near college for his last semester (waaaaaa!), two kids moved in (my two chinese exchange students), one kid is going between college and home, one neice moved in with my mom whom I help take care of  and we are launching a new ministry in Tijuana …. etc

But I realized that life is always in transition…..and in my case, often in chaos!  That can’t be a reason (excuse?) to not work at creating margin in my life.  Now, will I get this right all the time?  No.  But it is worth being vigilant over because I want to live on mission and smell the proverbial flowers along the way.  I want the people in my life to know they are important to me by spending time with them.  It’s a good struggle, this time of margin.  I am confident I will find the right rhythm….but it will take work I know.

How are you doing in creating margin in your life?


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  1. Good for you, Melissa! I am so glad you are taking time for yourself and not always running here and there to do for others at the expense of your health and peace of mind. It was a good series for me too, especially about not feeling guilty when taking time for myself, even if it means saying No to a good cause. I once read that we should plunge our fist into a bucket of water, then pull it out. The hole that is left in the water where our hand was is the measure of how indispensable each of us is. (Ouch!) But a good lesson. It was from a poem titled, “There Is No Indispensable Man.” I remind myself of it often…

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