Planning Retreat

We are beginning a new ministry in Tijuana and decided we needed time to do some heavy planning.  That was my idea….massive and foundational planning!  As I began to think and pray about it, I began to think about what we had looked at over the last couple of months as we went through the “Speeding up by Slowing Down” series and how we need to create margin and space in our lives to really live on mission. When we crowd our lives, the first thing that tends to get pushed out is our time with God.

Wow…that really hit me between the eyes!

I decided (….more like listened to the whisperings of God to my spirit) that we needed to first create some significant space to stop and reflect on what God had taught us over the last 10 months of great things, not so great things and everything in between.  I am absolutely convinced that God teaches us through the good, the bad and the ugly!  (sometimes more through the bad and ugly then the good!)

We spent the first three hours doing this … reflecting on what God taught us, who He is and then communicating directly with Him in supplication and prayer.  We only got in another three hours of planning before we had to stop because we were all four battling various stages of a bad cold!  We spend a couple of hours in fun….playing dominoes and watching a chick flick!

This morning I was delighted to hear that despite our colds we all had a good night’s sleep and spent another 2 hours in reflection and prayer.  In total we spent 5 hours in prayer and 8 hours total in planning.  You might suspect…..yes, we got more planning done than if we had spent the entire 13 hours in strategy and planning!  Not only that, but we were able to talk deeply and openly in a way that I had not recognized before.  Our team is maturing in our understanding of our unique calling and work, I am convinced.

It was good to seek  margin for these two days.  What has God shown you over the last 10 months?  Carve out the time to reflect on this in your life.  You might discover some interesting lessons and truths that are meant just for you!

Thanks to Messiah L.C. who helped us with the $150 to make this retreat possible!  You continue to challenge us to ask the big questions and we are grateful!

Here is our Tijuana ministry team (from left to right:  Tere M., Legna L. and Jhoselyn P.)  I am privileged to serve alongside of them!


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