Entering the new year….

I hope you are planning on coming to celebrate Christmas at Concordia at one of our Christmas services…..on Saturday, Christmas Eve at 4pm (Family) or 6pm (Candlelight) or on Christmas Day at 9:30am.

You are probably giving some thought to the fact that we are nearing the end of the year and the beginning of a new year….2012!

I have enjoyed a daily reading in the Book of Proverbs…..and it has been a huge encouragement!  I am excited that most recently, both my son and daughter have joined me in reading Proverbs daily.  It gives me an opportunity to copy my favorite verse in the daily reading and share via twitter and send to my kids via a text message.

The system is easy.  There are 31 chapters in Proverbs…..one for each day.  I read the chapter that corresponds to the day.

They are wildly practical….deep….applicable to daily life…..offer steps to deal with people and acquire wisdom as we get to know and honor God more.  Wisdom!  It is a concept not often talked about.  It is important.  The ability to exercise good judgement.  Wow it’s easy to see why this is needed in our world. But what we don’t often reflect on is that it is so needed in our own lives.  That’s always a good place to start……our need.  Read Proverbs for yourself. It is a gift you give yourself.

I have used the free bible app for my smart phone  (also available on your computer) offered by lifechurch.tv called YOUVERSION.  I have been reading out of the Message translation which uses a modern idiom.  I love the fresh way it communicates.

Consider it as a way to begin, restart or revitalize your reading of God’s Word for next year.  It has taught me a great deal over the last few months. I think you will also be blessed.  I would love to hear about how it goes with you.

Consider also joining a HOME group in the new year.  We launch our new series and HOME groups again on the weekend of January 7th and 8th.  More info to follow.

Focus on how you can get to know Jesus better and love Him more.  It is a good thing!


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